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 fue uno de los viajeros británicos por España más importantes e incluso el más conocido gracias a su libro «La Biblia en España». En uno de sus periplos, en 1.837, Borrow viajó por Asturias, concretamente desde Ribadeo a Colombres, pasando por Oviedo, Gijón y Avilés:

"At Ferrol I hired a horse and guide as far as Ribadeo, a  distance of twenty leagues, and somewhat less than half the way to Oviedo. This journey was a terrible one ; during
the greatest part of it we had to toil up and down mountain gorges and ravines, to force our way through bushes and thickets, and to wade rivulets and torrents swollen by the rain, which descended continually; our guide proved perfectly ignorant of the country, and we had to bribe
various peasants to accompany us, though we incurred great risk by so doing of being conducted to some den of thieves, and stripped and murdered. At Ribadeo we procured a fresh horse and guide, and continued our way to Oviedo, encountering still greater difficulties, the ground being still more rugged and broken than that which we had "

 De una carta de G. Borrow a la British & Foreign Bible Society, fechada en 1837

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